Hockey Unfiltered Weekend Wrap

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This past weekend on Hockey Unfiltered with Todd Lewis of course we talked about all the latest happenings in the CBA negotiations without the PR spin, including some very candid opinions from Labor Law Expert Jay Krupin of Baker/Hostetler who declared the players have lost & must realize this and get the best deal they can ASAP.  Here’s a link to the Sunday show with Jay’s comments

The Phoenix Coyotes situation also took a giant step toward resolving the ownership situation with Greg Jamison’s group reaching an arena management agreement with the Glendale City Council.  I spoke with Sarah McLellan about what happens next and the future of the Coyotes.  One of the most important things for success is generating more revenue for the team.  The current level of ticket sales and other revenue sources isn’t enough to sustain them in the long term.  Here’s some further thoughts in a blog posting I wrote for a couple of days ago.

We’ll be back again Saturday & Sunday at Noon Eastern with the latest NHL news and unfiltered honest hockey talk.  In the meantime go to to listen to any portion of our previous shows as a podcast.